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 Dinner starts at 5:30 PM and each dog is fed individually and privately, and the rest of the evening is spent tidying up blankets, refilling water, and having all the dogs enjoy the fresh outdoors for playtime with the staff. Oftentimes "playtime" involves just sitting with an older dog and loving them up, or if the dog is more energetic, throwing one of our "indestruco" toys around the yards for fetch. We will also leash walk dogs that need a little bit more "one on one" time. 

In the summer months, multiple pools are set up so that the dogs can play and cool down in the water.

We do put reasonable restrictions on the dogs during their time with us, for example, all dogs "sit" before food is given to them. If a dog is heavily excited when it's their turn in the yard, and they're jumping up or barking, the dog must "wait" until they're calmer before we release them into the yards. If one dog is barking loudly at another, we use a "touch correct" to the side of the body, or the neck area to redirect them away. We never raise our voices to the dogs, or give "angry" commands or any kind of human behavior that will make the dogs fearful. Our duty is to protect them and care for them during their stay, and no manner of poor human behavior is tolerated.

Snacks are offered intermittently throughout the day. 

We offer limited spaces for dog daycare. Feel free to ask us about whether or not daycare would be helpful for your dog and your schedule. Different rates apply.

Auntie Shannon wakes up at 6 am to the snuggles and kisses of all the eager pooches ready to start their day. After a good cuddle session, Auntie and dogs go outside for a nice morning jaunt around the 1 1/2 acres of  fenced in grounds. Breakfast starts at 8:30 AM when each dog is called into the feeding room one at a time to eat their own food supplied by their parents. After about a ½ hour digest period, playtime into the large yards resumes. During this time the staff is starting a busy clean up, floors are swept, mopped and wiped down. The grounds are cleaned up. Water bowls are filled and refreshed throughout the day. The dogs are brought outside every hour throughout the day and get plenty of excersise and social playtime. At Auntie Shannon's we have multiple play areas so when some of our rowdier guests want to romp around, the smaller or elderly guests can relax in a separate fenced in area and play at their own levels. 


 When the dogs are not outside romping around and playing with each other, you can often find them catching up on their beauty sleep on one of the couches or beds surrounding the fireplace so the dogs can snooze right by the fire.

Auntie Shannon is aware that each dog is an individual and caters to the specific needs of all of her guests. Some of our guests just can't keep up with the younger more playful guests and that is ok. They are welcome to participate at their own speed. Auntie Shannon has built a ramp to ensure that dogs who can no longer do stairs are able to go in and out doors freely.  If your dog requires special attention or has special needs Auntie Shannon and Staff are more than happy to ensure your dog's comfort and wellbeing at all times.  

Bed time is at 9:00 PM. Beds are put down and the dogs decide where they want to sleepBy this time all dogs have been fed, well exercised, water refilled, blankets dry and available, and lights are put out. We rarely have dogs that wake up during the night. Shannon does have a few of her guests sleep in her bed with her, sometimes it gets a little crowded but she wouldn't have it any other way!

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