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Just a few of our beloved guests at Auntie Shannon's

"Without training, the life of a puppy is predictable: chewing, soiling the house, digging up the garden, followed by a trip to the shelter where, if it's lucky, it gets another try," he says, wearily. "Without training, that dog will be dead in less than a year."

- Dr.Ian Dunbar

Quotes Auntie likes

"If your dog doesn't like someone you probably shouldn't either."​

-Unknown but I love it


"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely try to train him to be semi-human.  The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.”-Edward Hoagland


“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

-Mark Twain


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

-Josh Billings


“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”

-Johnny Depp

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