Price list and Additional Services

*Prices may increase based on condition of coat and dog's behaviour
An additional charge of $15/1/2 hr will apply if excessive matting, tangling, poor behaviour. I will make every effort to contact you to inform you of any additional charges prior to doing the work.

*Prices are subject to change without notice so please check pricing before each reservation.

Brush Out

15 / half an hour

Half an hour of Brushing out all the old undercoat encouraging your dog's natural oils to assist in keeping their coat healthy and shiny

Groom and Play

Just add 15 to your grooming rate

A chance for playtime and socializing before your pooch goes home all cleaned up and looking fabulous. 

Exit Bath for Dogs staying at Auntie Shannon's

Prices range from 20-90 depending on size breed and coat condition.

Small breed single coat (under 15lbs) -Giant Breed Double Coat (over 90lbs)

Full Groom

Prices range from 15-150 depending on size, breed and coat conditions. Please call for a quote.

Consists of a brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning, excess ear hair removal, clipping between pads of feet, bathing, conditioning, blow-drying, re-brushing, re-clipping, scissor finish. 

See Basic Price List as they vary according to breed type.

Puppy's First Groom


Available to puppies up​ to 4 Mos old. Consists of a brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning, puppy bath, blow dry. This package is encouraged for new puppies to get them comfortable going to the groomers at a early age. Oh and did I mention FREE snuggles!!!

Nails and Pad clean up

20-35 (depending on behaviour and condition)

Nail Trim


Ear Hair removal


Prevent over growth of hair in your dogs ear canal by having it removed. This helps with preventing ear infections and build up of wax and dirt

Bang or face trim.


Face Clean up 

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