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Why Should we have our dogs groomed regularly by a professional Dog Groomer?

We know you all love your dogs to bits, but when it comes to the grooming many of our customers can’t cope due to the length and thickness of the coat and their busy lifestyle.

Its great to see and hear that your dogs are allowed a fun time in the forests and fields, acting like hippos in the muddy puddles(!), but this all plays havoc with the care of their coats.

Professional dog grooming isn’t just about making your dog look pretty. There are also many physical, health and emotional, benefits to regular professional dog grooming including:

A Nose to Tail MOT!  We go from nose to tail during the grooming process having a good look and feel of the body, skin, eyes, ears, bums, and as we are so thorough we may pick up on ailments, skin conditions, fleas, ticks, ear or eye infections that otherwise may go undetected until they become a problem and potentially end up with a visit to the vet with a hefty bill.

A really professional hair cut  Certain dog breeds, such as Poodles, have continuously growing hair. These types of dogs will need a hair cut and a professional groomer knows how to give your dog the perfect style for his breed to show him of to his best and also to work with his coat type and density to make him as comfortable as possible.

Safe removal of dead hair and skin  We are trained in the safest techniques to effectively remove dead hair and skin from your dog’s coat. This will not only improve the look of the coat, but will also improve air circulation to his skin. This is especially important during the warmer summer months or if you dog has a very thick or long coat. If you try grooming or clipping your dog at home you may unintentionally end up hurting your dog with cuts, scratches or skin irritations from scissors or clippers.

Increasing the blood flow to his hair follicles  Regular grooming and the massge during washing increases the blood flow to your dog’s hair follicles. Done on a regular basis, this can help to improve the overall health and condition of his skin and coa

Professional products that last and last!

We use a range of professional parlour quality doggie shampoos and grooming products that are selected according to your dog’s coat condition and any special requirements he may have. 

Stimulatation of the lymphatic system  As we brush and comb your dog’s coat and inspect his body to make sure everything is as it shoud be, we are also massaging the skin and coat. This stimulates his lymphatic system which provides additional overall health benefits for your dog.

Trouble-free nail trimming

Many of our customers don’t feel confident to trim their dog’s nails. We have lots of experience, so one of our professional grooming jobs is to check and trim your dog’s nails. We also inspect the pads of his feet to check there for any problems.

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