• "Meet N' Greets" are mandatory for your dog to stay here to ensure the safety and well being of every dog who visits. Cage free boarding is not for every dog. If your dog is too anxious of other dogs than he/she may not be quite ready for the open concept boarding. Dogs who show aggression towards dogs or humans will not be able to stay here at Auntie Shannon's.  We strive for a calm, peaceful environment and only dogs who pass the Meet N' Greet can board here. 


  • Your dog is required to be on some form of Flea and Tick Prevention Plan to Stay at Auntie Shannon's. It would be a CATASTROPHE if I should get fleas or ticks here at Auntie Shannon's (Once it snows you can give your dog a break)  Once your dog arrives here they will be checked for any external parasites.  If fleas are present they will be treated with a topical flea control product and the cost will be added to your boarding costs. 




  • We do have "cookie time" twice a day here at Auntie Shannon's. We are happy to provide these treats but if your dog has any food allergies please let us know when you drop off your dog. If you have special cookies for your dog please feel free to supply them. 


  • If your dog is taking any kind of medication Auntie Shannon is happy to administer it to your dog as needed. Just let her know and provide thorough instructions.


  • You must bring your dog's own food and feeding instructions with you when you drop of your dog of course. We don't want to upset your dog's tummy.


  • We don't encourage bringing any personal toys.  Some dogs may become possessive of their toys and this could cause an altercation. Personal belongings are recommended to stay at home such as blankets, pillows, beds etc. They could get destroyed and I would not want that to happen to your dogs favourite blankie. 


  • Pick up and Drop off Times are at your convenience. Just let me know at time of reservation or as soon as you know. If these times change (as we know they sometimes will a quick email or phone call is all we ask)


  • ​* If you pick up your dog before noon  you will not be charged for that day* (we know after a holiday or business trip you are pretty tired from travel and sometimes get in pretty late the night before. No need for rushing in the morning.



35/day per dog 32/day for additional dogs

Holiday weekends and weeks are high in demand and book up so do not forget to book your dog's spot as soon as possible . 

Under 1 week stays

32/day (single dog) 30/day (each additional dog) under 1 week stay

Boarding rates are for short stays   a week or less

If your dog is staying over a week

30/day 28/day per additional dog

Home away from home. Auntie Shannon's offers a lesser rate for those extended trips when you can't take your pooch. 

Daycare (MONDAY -FRIDAY) pickup before 6pm (HOLIDAYS ARE EXEMPT)

20/day per dog

A work week is a very long time for your fury friends waiting for you to come home every day. Give them a play date at Auntie Shannon's where they meet new friends all the time and have tons of fun running and playing and burning off some of that energy.

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