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If my dogs requires special attention will they get it?

Absolutely, we don't mind one bit giving special needs dogs the care they require. Let us know if your dog/dogs get tired easily and need more rest. We can usually tell by the dogs as well .. they are not typically shy to tell us what they need. 


How and when do you feed the dogs? What if my dog doesn't eat? 


The dogs are fed twice a day. Breakfast is served at 8:30 and Supper at 5:30. They are fed individually to avoid any food aggression or possesion within the pack. They patiently wait their turn to eat. We feed the faster eaters first and then take our time encouraging the slower eaters to eat. Some dogs don't eat on their first day so we will spend time hand feeding them until they get more comfortable here at Auntie Shannon's. 

If my dog is not spayed or neutered will you still board them? 


If your dog is six months or older they must be SPAYED OR NEUTERED to board at Auntie Shannon's.  Adult dogs when not spayed or neutered  give off a scent that throws the whole pack into a tizzy. We don't allow any type of dominance here and that task becomes difficult with in tact dogs. 


We do however know that socializing is super important and should start at a very young age. Puppies are welcome to stay at Auntie Shannon's and do not need to be spayed or neutered until they are six months old. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring with me when I drop off my dog?


  • your dog or dogs

  • enough food for the entire visit 

  • vaccination records if not already on file. During the summer months your dog must be on a flea/tick medication.

  • any medications your dog may require (thorough administering instructions)

Can I call and check in on my dog?

Of course you can... we welcome calls or emails anytime and will respond as quickly as we can. We know how much you love your dog/dogs and would do the same if we were leaving our dogs somewhere while we went away.


Where will my dog sleep?


Anywhere they want. If they need to be near me at bedtime we welcome them in our room.We set up beds at 7:00 pm all over the house. They pretty much find a spot they like and sleep there. 

Will my dog get walked while staying at Auntie Shannon's?


They will not get leash walked while staying here but be assured they will get exercise and lots of it. We go out every hour, sometimes more on nice days and stay out and play for as long as the dogs  want. They will have lots of friends to play with and will play and run on the farm.


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